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Autumn Marquez | Miss Sunnyside Candidate

Known locally as the Marquez barn, the stately old hayloft, overlooking the valley, has been featured in tourism materials for the past 30 years.

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Green signs mark the way

Sunnyside recycle bins at 409 S. Fourth St.

Signs are up, directing recyclers where to access the city’s recycling bins.

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Pokémon Go craze comes to lower valley

Gaming world fad goes local

It’s a craze in the gaming world like the world has never seen.

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Israeli couple share aid

The family of Arab Christians living in Israel routinely travel to Sunnyside to raise money for an orphans aid foundation.

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Band to perform at benefit dance

Latin pop dance music will be the background for a fundraiser to help a local family with medical expenses.

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Food bank reopens tomorrow

Sunrise relocates to Ninth Street

Sunrise Outreach Center community food bank volunteers expect to be ready tomorrow to handle distribution of food at its new location at 529 S. Ninth St.

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Summer art focused on state history

Elementary students are learning about their state’s history in addition to improving their math and reading skills this summer.

Eagles rally for crash victim

His friends are gathering to give back to a young man whose family have been ardent volunteers in the community.

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Sunnyside sports bar reworking its image

Egley’s angling to attract after work crowd

A local bar’s new management is hoping to create a new image.

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Erica Linde | Miss Sunnyside Candidate

As the youngest of six children, she has always felt loved and secure within her family environment.

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