Take time to attend budget meetings


It’s that time of year when municipal agencies are meeting regularly to determine next year’s budgets. Discussions are taking place on whether property taxes will be raised, if a license tab fee will be added, if utility rates with change and how agencies will deal with snowfall this winter.

Important decisions, to be sure.

Yet, few area residents are attending the public sessions on how and when tax dollars will be collected and spent. Few people are exercising the civic opportunities that are abundant here, but not everywhere in the world. That’s a shame.

What makes the apathy worse is that when streets go unplowed later this winter or when parks aren’t mowed next summer, armchair quarterbacks will be bellyaching. So, this is your chance to get involved and help influence the decision how your tax dollars are spent. This is your opportunity to speak up about plowing, paving, sidewalks, police, fire, City Hall and just about every other municipal expense you can think of.

This is your time to exercise your civic rights as an American.

In the coming weeks, take time out of your busy evening schedule to attend a budget session. You’ll learn about municipal costs and proposed solutions to looming problems.

Participating in meetings will only cost you a little time. Failing to participate could cost you far more in taxes.

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