Ask Rep. Newhouse to co-sponsor partnership


Thanks for helping to create a conversation about reducing poverty with education, and the bipartisan work to support this effort. (‘Educate children and cut poverty worldwide’ by Lisa Still, Daily Sun, October 27, 2017)

The Global Partnership for Education has successfully helped countries create and fund educational plans, even in conflict zones.

Since education brings better health, higher earnings, lower birthrates, and a greater chance of peaceful solutions to conflict, it is an excellent investment.

Please write or call Congressman Newhouse and ask him to co-sponsor House Resolution 286 and work to continue America’s increasing support of the GPE.

Willie Dickerson



naturalman2005 says...

Hey Willie Dickerson
Newhouse should be concern with US citizens, We don't need to be paying to educate the entire world. If you "Willie " want to, use your own money!!! Don't asked for a hand out from tax payers.
Besides, I think we are already done enough of that in the United States.... As a results these people are taking all kinds jobs from US citizens in our work force. This is just WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 28 December 2017, 2:41 p.m. Suggest removal

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