Write in Theresa Hancock for council


She’s not on the ballot.

So, when you vote for City Council Position #1, you will need to write in her name. Councilor Theresa Hancock has humbly and loyally served Sunnyside since she was elected to our City Council in 2005.

After urging from community members, Theresa Hancock willingly agreed to run again. With years of experience as a councilor, deputy mayor and her service on the Sunnyside Planning Commission, Theresa understands the importance of listening to constituents and leading with her heart.

Theresa is strong positive voice on our council. As one of our two female council members, she is an inspiring role model for the women in our community who feel the shared sense of accountability and responsibility to enrich this community by serving in the public sphere.

Chelsea Durfey Campbell, Sunnyside

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