Kudos on insurance for rural residents

Even as Republicans and Democrats struggle to find common ground on a budget in the state legislature, at least there was some good news for Klickitat County residents this week when Republican Rep. Gina McCabe of Goldendale and state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler announced health insurance providers would be available for that rural area.

It was a welcome turnaround from Kreidler’s previous dire warning this month that the county could be without a health insurance provider under the Affordable Care Act.

We appreciate McCabe’s lobbying efforts for her county, and Kriedler’s work to lure insurers to the area.

While it could be said they were just doing their respective jobs, at least they were doing their jobs.

That’s not always the case in Olympia these days.

The one dark cloud that concerns us about this news is just how the average senior citizen in Klickitat County is supposed to afford health insurance premiums that can top out at more than $1,000 per month.

One of the sad legacies of so-called “Obamacare” is that the once rock-bottom premiums at the program’s beginning have predictably skyrocketed without big government’s help to defray those costs for individual policy holders.

Klickitat County residents, alone, face premium hikes of as much as 20 percent or more next year.

All of which leaves us with a guarded thumbs up to Kreidler and McCabe’s announcement.

Health insurance is a necessity in this day and age with through-the-roof costs for even basic medical care.

Now the tricky part, as many are sadly learning, is paying for it.

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