Cycling safety


I am a cyclist who rides the golf cart paths in the villages in the pre-dawn, dawn hours of the morning. I have several suggestions for people who use these paths.

WALKERS — Wear a LIGHT and LIGHT CLOTHES. Golf carts and cyclists CAN’T see you if a golf cart’s headlights are coming at them. Walk single file when a vehicle is coming towards you. Yes, you WALK against traffic.

GOLF CARTS — On the narrow one way paths, there isn’t room for you to pass a bicycle safely. Be patient and give him/her a minute to clear that area and move over.

Also DO NOT go between walkers and bicyclists on the path. I have almost been hit twice. You do NOT have the right of way in that situation.

CYCLISTS — Be courteous. Move over when it is safe to do so. Stay to the right when you are being passed. And yes, you ride WITH traffic. These suggestions may save a life.

Sharon Batt, The Villages, FL.

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