Drive slow, please


Just one big holiday remains this summer — Labor Day — a three-day weekend in which to cram all of the last-minute summer fun a family can stand.

Enjoy any of the many local festivals: the Granger Menudo Festival, Prosser States Day and the Wapato Harvest Festival — which will all offer parades, car shows, talent contests, festival foods and carnivals.

But as a reminder, let’s not forget with the end of summer, comes the start of the new school year.

School started this week in many of the Lower Valley towns. More students will heading to school in their big yellow buses next week. Many more will be hoofing to school and, as happens every year, parents will be congesting the areas near school twice a day.

So — our advise? Avoid the areas near the schools twice day, if you can. Drive carefully, safely and courteously. Stop when that yellow bus starts flashing its lights. Obey the crossing guards — they have an important job too.

Remember to look out for the children.

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