WSP issues update on multiple accidents

In a report issued yesterday, the State Patrol notes that three collisions all involving passenger cars this past Tuesday on the Sunnyside-Mabton Highway were not just due to poor visibility from a dust storm.

The agency updated its information Wednesday and noted, “As the vehicles involved entered the area of poor visibility, they were travelling at speeds too fast for the conditions and struck other vehicles, which had already slowed down.”

The State Patrol listed the official cause and pending charges related to the accidents as “speed too fast for conditions.”

It also confirmed there were three separate collisions on the highway about one mile north of Mabton.

The State Patrol’s update also notes there was a sixth person transported to a hospital for medical care.

Troopers say the six people injured and transported were Charles Robbins, 71, of Sunnyside; Angel Macias-Rodriguez, 21, of Sunnyside; Vanessa Fuerte, 19, of Grandview; Clarivel Najera, 20, of Mabton; Jayden Najera, 1, of Mabton; and Angelita Serna, 64, of Sunnyside.

The State Patrol also said a seventh person, Edgar Amezcua-Alcala, 22, of Mabton, reportedly suffered minor injuries but was not hospitalized.

Motorists uninjured in the accident, according to the State Patrol, were Miriam Medina-Reyna, 30, of Sunnyside; and Adriana Diaz-Ornelas, 26, of Sunnyside.

In the report issued yesterday, the State Patrol did not say which motorists would be cited for speeding too fast for conditions.

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