Mabton to allow marijuana permits

MABTON – During a discussion at Mabton City Council’s study session last night, Tuesday, Mayor Mario Martinez shared the city will give the go-ahead for marijuana producer and processing business licenses within the city limits.

Both applications are within the city’s appropriate zoning requirements.

Martinez said later that the city has no plans to enact a moratorium on issuing permits for marijuana-related establishments. Instead, the city hopes to benefit from increased revenues and jobs resulting from marijuana processing and producing.

Sunnyside and Yakima County are among local governments who have imposed moratoriums on accepting applications for marijuana-related activities.

Even though the city will give its nod for marijuana processing and producing, the state’s Liquor Control Board will have the final say on whether the permits are granted.

The mayor noted there was one permit application requesting a retail operation to sell marijuana in the city limits, but because it is in the proximity of a school building the permit won’t be allowed.

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