Numerous appointments made to various Yakima County boards

YAKIMA – The Yakima County commissioners this past Monday made several appointments to a number of county boards.

Steven Jones was named to a two-year appointment to the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency Board of Directors. His term will expire on Dec. 31, 2016.

Appointed to the Yakima Valley Library Board for a term of four years was Glenn Rice. He will serve on the board until Dec. 31, 2018.

The Yakima County Vet-erans Advisory Board had two vacancies to which Yakziry Carbajal and Jeremie Dufault were appointed. The terms expire on Dec. 31, 2016.

Benacio Barcia was re-appointed to the Veterans Advisory Board, and re-appointed to the Yakima County Water Conservancy Board was Dave Brown.

Other re-appointments included Brian Hunt, Candy Walla Walla and Angus Tate to the Yakima County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Advisory Board; Ash-ley Garza, Ed Burns, John Crawford and Gary Ekstedt to the Yakima County Plan-ning Commission; Fred Bichl, Helen John and Mike Esquivel to the Aging and Long Term Care Advisory Board; Arvel Hale and Ralph Huck to the Yakima County Board of Equalization; Gail Weaver to the Yakima County Health District Board; Dave Veley to the Selah Parks and Recreation Service Area Board; Benjamin Shoval and Jim Sewell to the Supporting Investments in Economic De-

velopment Board; and Ray-mond Cyr, Michel Rohlfs and Merle Warehimeto to the Yakima County Mosquito Control District.

Eight people were re-appointed to the South Central Workforce Development Cou-

ncil. They are Sergio Galle-gos, David McFadden, Christine Cote, Peter Finch, Marcia Henkle, Mark Todd, Ian Grabenhorst and Rockey Marshall.

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