Gunfire exchanged between police, car-jacker

Suspect shoots woman before taking her hostage

A Toppenish man has been identified as the carjacker who ended up shooting it out with Sunnyside police last night.

Although no cops were struck by gunfire, a woman at a Granger-area home – taken hostage by the fleeing suspect – was shot. Sunnyside police report the female was treated for non-life threatening injuries at Sunnyside Community Hospital.

The man accused of carjacking a vehicle in Sunnyside, leading police on a high speed pursuit and ultimately shooting it out with law enforcement officers is Richard E. Yallup, 27, of Toppenish.

A spokesman for the Sunnyside Police Department, Sgt. Joey Glossen, reports the incident began at about 7 p.m. last night (Wednesday). Police were called to the 100 block of Parkland Homes, where a man told them another man had pointed a shotgun at him and his daughter, forcibly taking their vehicle.

Glossen said a Sunnyside police officer soon after spotted the carjacked vehicle, and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The driver, later identified as Yallup, refused to pull over and fled at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Glossen said officers pursued the stolen vehicle for several miles in and around the city.

During the high speed chase the driver of the stolen vehicle rammed two police cruisers – one a Sunnyside police car and the other the vehicle of a Yakima County Sheriff’s deputy.

Yallup, said Glossen, then fled towards Granger, eventually crashing the stolen vehicle in the area of Cherry Hill.

At that point, according to Glossen’s press release to the media, the Toppenish man fled on foot with a Sunnyside police officer chasing him.

“As Yallup was fleeing he turned and fired a shotgun at the officer, who then returned fire,” said Glossen.

The carjacker continued his escape and made his way to a nearby home, where Glossen said Yallup fired his shotgun into the door of the residence. A female inside the home, said Glossen, was struck by the shotgun blast.

The man then burst into the home and took the injured woman, as well as others in the house, hostage.

SWAT teams from Sunny-side and Yakima County were called to the scene, as well as hostage negotiators. Glossen said while the negotiator was attempting to make contact with Yallup, the residents of the home overpowered him.

“The SWAT team observed the struggle and entered the residence, taking the suspect into custody without further incident,” Glossen explained.

Besides sending the woman who was shot to the Sunnyside hospital, the Sunnyside police officer who was in the police cruiser that was rammed by the carjacker also got taken to the Sunnyside hospital. Yallup, too, required medical treatment and was taken to a local hospital.

The Sunnyside cop that exchanged gunfire with Yallup will be relieved of his regular duties.

“In cases involving this type of incident it is standard practice and protocol of the Sunnyside Police Department to place the involved officer on paid administrative leave, and request an outside agency to investigate,” Glossen said in his report to the media.

Glossen noted the officer-involved shooting, as well as the home invasion case will be handled by the county sheriff’s office. He said the carjacking and eluding law enforcement investigations will be taken on by the Sunnyside police.

According to Glossen, the suspect – Yallup, has nine prior felony convictions. Among them are auto theft and eluding police charges.

All told last night, law enforcement personnel from the police departments in Sunnyside, Granger, Mabton, Toppenish and Yakima were involved in taking Yallup into custody, as well as deputies from the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office.


4everoceans says...

With all the gang related issues happening at Parkland Homes where are Councilmen Vlieger and Raines and their outrage at the crimes? Could it be that Parkland Homes is owned and operated by their good friend Wayne Overland? During the last year or so any time a local business was the site of gang related activity the PD and these two Councilmen were asking for heads to roll, but at Parkland Homes they are quiet!! It really pays to have friends in high places. What is good for the Goose should be good for the Gander, don't you think?

Posted 24 October 2013, 5 p.m. Suggest removal

bigmama says...

Yup Yup and more Yup....To much

Posted 24 October 2013, 5:17 p.m. Suggest removal

srt8 says...

4everoceans, how can you even make such a comment?? This was a situation involving a 9 time convicted felon. What should be applauded here is the extraordinary and exemplary efforts of our Law Enforcement personnel on duty that night in apprehending this criminal. The fact that officers were coming under gunfire and being rammed by this criminal and yet you want to use this forum to politically bash council people and a property owner. The criminal in this act of cowardice was from Toppenish....not Sunnyside. If this would of been your house that was invaded by this guy and your loved ones shot....would you still be blaming council? I think not. You are very fortunate this was not you it happened to. I for one would like to express my sincerest appreciation to the men and women that were involved in apprehending this criminal!! 4everoceans....shame on you for using such an incident to push your political views.

Posted 24 October 2013, 8:39 p.m. Suggest removal

ohthehellyousay says...

So now it's the Sunnyside landlord's fault there was a carjacking by a man from Toppenish? How do you come up with that ignorant excuse?

You might as well be one of those people saying that it was the Yakama Tribe's fault, for winning a lawsuit, where some of the members received thousands of dollars as part of a settlement, and then assuming Yallup was one of those, went on a bender, and decided to go on a crime spree as a result of being high/drunk.

Yeah. Makes about as much nonsense as your story.

Posted 24 October 2013, 8:52 p.m. Suggest removal

linariley says...

4everoceans is right. Mr. Vlieger, Mr. Raines, Mr. Perales, all have had their campaigns bought and paid for by Mr. Overland the owner of parkland homes. Their ugly nasty fake newspapers are packed with lies and innuendos that attempt to destroy the reputation of some very good people. They rant and rail about crime and crime free rental housing, which they weren't even a part of, however, they never hold this property owner responsible. Have you driven through this piece of property? You can instantly tell that another set of rules apply there. The police did a good job on this evening. However a simple investigation into the calls and crime at this address over the last few years makes their newspaper smell like what it is, something to wrap rotting fish in.

Posted 26 October 2013, 9:13 a.m. Suggest removal

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