State takes action against several county health care professionals

Washington State Depart-ment of Health officials have announced that several health care professionals working in Yakima County have disciplinary cases pending. Those individuals include Valerie Esquer, Lane M. Willis and Richard Craig Hill.

Esquer, a certified nursing assistant, has been charged with unprofessional conduct. State officials say she allegedly tripped and fell while working at a skilled nursing facility, and provided a urine sample that allegedly tested positive for marijuana and cocaine.

Willis, a licensed practical nurse, has also been charged with unprofessional conduct. The state department of health said while working for an agency that provides in-home health care, Willis allegedly forged physicians’ signatures on patients’ treatment plans. State officials say Willis has not responded to a Washington State Nursing Commission inquiry.

Hill, according to state officials, has been denied a chemical dependency professional trainee credential. State officials said Hill, in 2011, was convicted of possession of a controlled substance (Vicodin).

State officials last week also noted that a Yakima County resident, Sairaf Esmeralda Farias, has been conditionally granted a certified nursing assistant credential. According to the state department of health, Farias was convicted of third degree theft in 2012.

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