Crack-down likely

MABTON – Increases in fines for unlicensed dogs in Mabton are coming following discussion at last week’s Mabton Council meeting.

Mabton Police Chief Rick Gu-tierrez is proposing the council increase the fine for unlicensed dogs from $200 to $500, eliminating first and second offenses of $50 and $100 fines, respectively.

“When the Yakima County Humane Society did a round-up recently more than 16 dogs were caught and six other animals were in holding,” Gutierrez said.

Currently, the fee to license a dog is $6, but only $3 for spayed or neutered dogs, Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez believes by making the dog fines stiffer, it will encourage more people to license their animals.

“We need stiffer penalties,” Gutierrez said.

Currently, according to city records, only 30 Mabton canine licenses have been purchased this year.

The council tabled the proposed ordinance changes for further consideration.

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