Library at county jail goes digital

YAKIMA - Soon, inmates in the Yakima County Jail will get their legal information via the internet.

That's the result of action yesterday, Tuesday, by Yakima County commissioners in approving a contract to allow computer connection for inmates wanting to access an electronic law library.

Ed Cambpell is the director for the county's corrections department, and he says the digital law library will save money.

"In the past we had bought books that were quite expensive and they would get damaged by the inmates who would tear out pages," said Campbell.

State and federal laws stipulate that inmates have free access to a law library, and Campbell said the contract approved yesterday will do just that. He says the electronic system will be installed within the next two months, replacing hardbound books now in use.

Best of all, says Campbell, the digital law library is at no cost to Yakima County.

"It's installed as part of our commissary contract with Aramark," he said.

Under terms of the contract, the county receives a portion of the profit Aramark earns from operating the commissary in the county jail. As part of the deal, Aramark is funding installation of the digital law library.

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