Primary election ballots hit the mail tomorrow

Voters in Sunnyside, Mabton and Grandview will begin receiving their primary election ballots Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Yakima County Auditor Corky Mattingly said the ballots will be put in the mail tomorrow (Tuesday). Voters should begin seeing the ballots in their mail boxes on Wednesday, said Mattingly. She added that voters are being encouraged to return their voted ballots as soon as possible.

Only the jurisdictions that have three or more candidates filing for a public office will be included in the Sept. 20 primary. In the Lower Yakima Valley, that includes city council races in Sunnyside and Mabton, as well as school board races in Grandview and Mabton.

Voters who do not receive their ballot in the mail by Thursday, Sept. 8, should call the county auditor's office (574-1340) for a replacement ballot.

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